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Mechanism + Description

Whilst not widely utilized, photochemistry could provide a green alternative in the selective reduction of nitro compounds. Reduction occurs in the presence of a photocatalyst like TiO2

General comments

Photochemistry has the potential to be a very green technology for reduction of nitro compounds, although energy use and efficiency would need to be considered.

Key references

Chemical Communications 2012, 48(36), 4356  Chemoselective reduction of nitrobenzenes to aminobenzenes having reducible groups by a titanium (IV) oxide photocatalyst under gas- and metal-free conditions
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, A: Chemistry 2014, 274, 7 Photocatalytic reduction of aromatic nitro compounds using CdS nanostructure under blue LED irradiation

Relevant scale up example

None found.