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Mechanism + Description

PhenoFluor serves to activate the alcohol/phenol forming a alkoxy-/phenoxy-imidazolium bifluoride salt, which can be displaced in an SN2 fashion by fluoride.

General comments

PhenoFluor is a unique reagent in being able to mediate the deoxyfluorination of both alcohols and phenols depending on the conditions employed. It has been utilized for the late stage deoxyfluorination of a series of complex bioactive substances with good functional group tolerance, and predictable reactivity for poly-hydroxylated system. It’s use on scale may be limited due to lack of bulk commercial availability. In addition, the reagent is poor from an atom economy standpoint, and displays a degree of moisture sensitivity, though the latter issue has been mitigated by the development of alternative formulations.

Key references

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Relevant scale up examples

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