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Combined ‘One-pot’ Borylation and Coupling

Mechanism + Description

Essentially a ‘one pot’ C-borylation followed by a second catalyzed or uncatalyzed reaction giving the desired product.

General comments

It is becoming more common to see borylation reactions being run as ‘telescoped’ or ‘one pot’ processes. Since it is usual for the borylated product to be further transformed, a ‘one pot’ process generally avoids isolations, reduces the use of organic solvents and gives processes with better process mass intensity (PMI) metrics. It is unusual to find true ‘one pot’ processes where all reagents/catalysts are added at the start. More commonly is to essentially run two consecutive reactions; first forming the boryl compound, then adding fresh reagents and (often discrete) catalysts.

Key references

See also Suzuki-Miyaura reagent guide

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Relevant Scale-up Examples – ‘One-pot’ Borylation and Functionalisation

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