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Metal-free Borylation

Mechanism + Description

A frustrated Lewis Pair (FLP) is a compound or mixture containing a Lewis acidic atom and a Lewis base atom that cannot combine to form a classical donor-acceptor adduct due to steric hindrance. The catalytic activity of FLP follows the addition of the electron rich π-system followed by loss of H2. σ-bond metathesis with the borane generates the product and regenerates the catalyst.

General comments

A number of routes exist to the borylation of arenes/heteroarenes/π-bonds without using metal catalysts.These involve the transformation of Ar-N, Ar-Halogen and Ar-H bonds into Ar-B compounds. Some involve the use of highly reactive intermediates like diazonium salts, or the use of organocatalysis. A number of ambiphilic or FLP molecules are known to activate boranes and facilitate carbon borylation – usually with fairly electron-rich π-systems.

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Relevant Scale-up Example – Metal-free Borylation

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