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Hydroboration of Alkenes/Alkynes

Mechanism + Description

Suprafacial addition of a boron hydride to the electron-rich p-system of an alkene or alkyne.

General comments

Boranes readily add to alkenes and alkynes. With unsymmetrical alkenes, hydroboration occurs in anti-Markovnikov fashion so that boron becomes attached to the less-substituted end of the double bond. BH3 can react with 3 moles of an alkene to form BR3. Less reactive hydroboranes may require transition-metal-catalysis to proceed at a synthetically useful rate. Alkyl boranes are not usually isolated but prepared and reacted further in situ. A classical transformation would be oxidation with H2O2 to give an alcohol. Hydroborations need to be carried out with the regard for the toxicity and flammability of borane (B2H6 = 2 x BH3), and alkylboranes. Borane is spontaneously flammable and can form an explosive atmosphere in air.

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