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Potassium Ferrate A Novel Oxidizing Reagent Based on Potassium Ferrate(VI)

Mechanism + Description

The mechanism for K2FeO4 oxidations is widely agreed to follow the a similar mechanism to that of Chromium (VI) reagents.

General comments

K2FeO4 is a widely used oxidant employed in remediation of contaminated waste streams. There are reports of its use synthetically. It reacts in a similar mechanism to Cr (VI) reagents, but without the toxicity or environmental contamination concerns. High cost of commercial material could be a barrier to use, for remediation, it is usually prepared in situ. Solid-supported variants have been reported. Environmentally the reagent produces iron oxides, so it is reasonably benign for the environment.

Key references

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Relevant scale up example

No scale up examples identified